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Fic recommendation list for myself


Saudade - PG-13, [info]waxrose ♥
    - Set six years into the future: Ohno hears about it first from Nino… ~13,000 words.

5 & 1/2 Minute Hallway - PG-13, [info]lifeinthebox
    - Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it. ~ Thomas Fuller. 18,515 words.

Easy As Backflip - NC-17, primrosegallery
    - Jun met Nino at a very young age. For many years afterwards, he would walk a very fine line of regret for that. ~19,500


Smile Maker - G, [info]sinestrated 
    - Masuda decides to grow up, but seems to have gone about it the wrong way.

Massu/Ryo (I'm biased)
Adjusting - PG, H/C, [info]tinyangel ♥
    - Set in the future, Massu meets Ryo after News has disbanded.
Insatiable - NC-17, Smut, [info]lethes_oblivion ♥
    - Massu likes to taste.
Touch - PG, H/C, [info]scatteredink 
    - Masuda was trapped between two heart aches.
Food for Thought - PG, [info]lifeinthebox
    - It wasn’t until he walked in on Massu eating a popsicle that Ryo suspected he might have a problem.
Of Popsicles and Summer Afternoons - PG-13, fluff, track_04 ( colorcodedlines)
    - Ryo and sweet things do not mix. Unless, of course, they're Massu.
Echo Game - PG-13, romance, [info]bakemonokun ( lovedealer ) ♥
    - Sometimes, all you need is to scream at some trees.
Something to be - R, imifumei ( unmeiwafunky ) ♥
    - "He should never have come here. It's not as if he had the slightest clue what he expected to do here. "
Love Toast - NC-17, PWP, ryogrande ( shoulderouscomb ) ♥
    - Sometimes Ryo just wants to take it like a bitch.

Best Friends Don't Necessarily Come in Namesquishes - G, Friendship, [info]misticloud  & [info]trivialaffair ♥
    - Massu thinks about his and Shige's friendship.
In Fields Where the Yellow Grass Grows Knee-High - PG-13, Fluff, [info]monggi 
    - Shige wonders why he is with Massu.
Under A Stone-Grey Sky - R, [info]misticloud & [info]trivialaffair ♥
    - The story of a lighthouse keeper's son and his best friend. ~18000 words. Epic sad drama.

Leaving the Door Unlocked (For You) - R, H/C, [info]trivialaffair 
    - Massu never stays the night.
Driving Me Wild - NC-17, Smut, [info]wristcutshow 
    - The title says it all.
Just a little off the top please - NC-17, smut, [info]wristcutshow ♥
    - Changing hairstyles is like changing your whole life; or sex life.
The Shoemaker - PG-13, trivialaffair  ( trivialwriting )
    - AU. Out of all the shoes Massu has made, he remembers only five pairs.

Fight - NC-17, Angst, [info]hontou ♥
   - Angsty, angry and good with an actual idea.
Typhoon - NC-17, [info]hontou 
   - Snarky but cute, "Well, you won't talk, but maybe you'll play Truth."

Massu/Kitagawa Keiko
High school friends
Who with who -list
Stars and Strings - PG, [info]koneho 
Like a bowl full of cherries - G, [info]agirlcalledkil 
and so on here.

Silent Like the Wings of Dawn - PG, het/gen, [info]anamuan 
    - The transfer was good for Massu. Massu missed feeling like he had a place. (Future-fic, Song-fic: Osaka Rainy Blues)

Loose Ends - PG-13, [info]track_04
    - In life and death, sometimes all you need is a helping hand. It takes 7 different people to teach Ryo this particular lesson. In the same universe as 5 & 1/2 Minute Hallway. There is a very nice Ryo/Massu part. 14,916 words.


Ueda, Koki, Maru
00 - NC-17, [info]velvetgunfire
    - It begins on the train on the way home from practice, when they are both eighteen. [I'm so sad that this is gone :(]

It's a Little Funny Story - PG, gen, ryogrande ( shoulderouscomb )
    - They say you can't go back to the way things used to be, but KAT-TUN has never been one for conventionality.




Never Compete With The Elephant In Defecating - PG-13, Humor, [info]tokeruyouna
    - Immigration office AU, Ryo-centric.

Disco Ball World - PG-13, bakemonokun
    - Some people say disco is hell. For Yoko, it's just another day at the rink. (Has some RyoMassu)

Half Past the Point od Oblivion: And This is How You Will All Die[t] - NC-17, Humor, tokeruyouna & sashjun 
    - A tale of demonic charms, perfect thighs, Jin’s manliness, rolling waves, rumors, fireworks, roller skates, relaxation methods, juvenile pranks, blindfolds, abuse of the color spectrum, and mutual support.

eleven, uneven (perfect) - gen, [info]trivialaffair ( trivialwriting )
    - Office AU, triv's, so there is adorable Massu. News are loved.


Underrated - PG-13, gen, [info]omoshiroina
    - As Ryo follows Ueda Tatsuya for the rest of the afternoon, he discovers a side of him that he has never before bothered to know.

For a SPIN - NC-17, auberjin_karee ♥
    - Future – After ten years of being MIA, Ueda runs into the most unlikely person on the train. 15,109 words.

Bold as Love - NC-17, maayacola & sashjun
    - A random meeting with Ueda is the start of more new impulses in Ryo's life than he'd previously bargained for.

Perfect lie - NC-17, sashjun
    - Prompted with “Ryoda have been trolling EVERYONE for 10 years, pretending that they don't like each other when really they're practically besties, and both of them were fine with hiding their true friendship until it became more.”



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